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Photo of the Day: Children in Santorini

July 20, 2011

Santorini is a dark beauty located in the southern Aegean Sea. An island perched on the rim of an ancient volcano, it s a hot, romantic paradise that is unlike Asia’s tropical beaches. There is an eerie juxtaposition between the honeymooning couples that litter the island every year and the seemingly bottomless caldera that it […]

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The Greek Salad index

September 2, 2010

We just finished an incredible two weeks in Greece – eating, beaching, swimming, dancing and overall indulging in such ridiculous languid pleasures that I feel guilty writing about it all here.  The sun, the sea, the music, the company, the scenery, the food.  Death by pure pleasure. In addition to the beautiful Greek breakfasts that […]

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London on a budget: Museum Guide

August 11, 2010

This past weekend I wrote about the ridiculous extravagance of this city (and just last night I found this article on a flat selling for £140 million) but I have to admit that there are many ways to enjoy London on a small budget.  We’ve spent the whole summer discovering affordable, beautiful, London.  And I’m […]

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Fantasy travel trips that you can do now

March 19, 2010

If you haven’t already read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris, I highly recommend you do.  Though parts of it can sound unrealistic at times, it will change the way you think about work, play and everything in between.  Among other ideas, Tim talks about the highly affordable lifestyle of taking mini-retirements while you’re still young, able […]

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A Girl’s Guide to Traveling Safely through Asia

February 5, 2010

If you’re a girl and you’re planning to trek through Asia on your own, take some time to plan. Asia is a totally different monster compared with Europe and North America. Language barriers, the climate and cultural differences mean that you have to be a little more careful and a lot more resourceful to stay […]

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The flip side of the coin

January 20, 2010

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to rant a little.  All of this Asia travel comes with the goods and bads.  There have been great foods, cheap accommodations, beautiful tropical scenery and relatively good weather.  But then there has also been the heat, the pollution, the insistent hawkers and all the people trying to […]

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So, how’s it going so far? An update on travel tips

January 16, 2010

On underwear.  Remember the packing advice post that I wrote from a while back, when I suggested bringing only two pairs of travel undies made with quick-dry breathable material?  Well, honestly, every night I thank myself for having gotten these undies at REI before leaving California.  They’re not cheap – I think 18$ USD per […]

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Through the heart of Bali

January 13, 2010

I’ve done a lot of weekend travel through much of Europe. The crazy 3 day Friday evening to Monday morning stints from London to Lisbon, to Dubrovnik, to Paris, to Barcelona, to Athens. They’ve been fantastic and remarkable and beautiful. But more and more over the last year, the desire to see as many places […]

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