El arte de la sobre mesa | The art of the long table

June 6, 2014

I love Europe for its museums and castles, Asia for its food and beaches, and North America for the countless things that make it a great place to call home.  But South America I love for its sobre mesa –  the art of the long, drawn out table where friends and families loiter together for […]

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Photo of the Day: Big City Playground

December 15, 2011

Big city living in Buenos Aires is a strange brew of high-energy excitement, chaos and commerce. Nearly a quarter of Argentina’s 40 million residents live and dwell here. The city is sprawling, dirty and beautiful. Immaculate apartment lofts coexist alongside open garbage piles. It’s a metro of dichotomies. One day I am dining with friends […]

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Photo of the Day: A Summer Storm

December 6, 2011

It’s amazing how you can hop on a plane for twelve hours and skip the winter. It’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere and every other day in Buenos Aires, we’re treated to a rainstorm. Warm, jungle-heavy, suddenly-starting-out-of-nowhere rainstorms. Beautiful.

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Photo of the Day: Reunited In Buenos Aires

December 4, 2011

Often, the promise of a true tender moment is enough to compel us to travel half way around the world. How a quiet coffee at a street side café can be the most perfect thing in the world, I can’t explain. But on this Sunday morning, it was everything.

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Photo of the Day: Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires

November 20, 2011

After four years of renovations, Buenos Aires’ famous Teatro Colon opened on May 25th 2010, just in time of Argentina’s bi-centennial celebrations.  It has been named one of the top three opera houses in the world and is definitely something to behold. We found tickets for the standing section at the very top, a section […]

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Moving for love and language

April 13, 2011

A year ago today, I was living in Buenos Aires learning Castellano (Argentine Spanish). It was Fall in South America. The nights were breezy and warm, perfect for (very) late dinners out. It’s nice to remember that life. Time slowed in Argentina. Days were long and languid. Meals stretched for hours. Time with friends and […]

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To another ending and beginning

June 8, 2010

Change.  It’s been this year’s theme.  It seems I write these “endings and beginnings” posts often and each time I do, a little bit of my heart breaks.  Change is never easy.  I know this.  I chase change like a silly dog chases its tail.  Round and round, always on the move, never a firm […]

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Dusk in the city

May 19, 2010

There is a change a comin’ in bustling Buenos Aires. The days are a little shorter, the air a little crisper, the wind a refreshing coolness on the cheeks. It’s Autumn.  And wow, it’s beautiful. Spanish classes run every weekday from 5.30 to 7.30 PM.  It’s a 40 minute walk to class from our flat […]

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